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You may have recently seen us on Dragons' Den. While we did a deal on the show with Kevin, after going through the post-show negotations, the offer ultimately wasn't a good fit. In fact, less than 10% of the deals on Dragons' Den are actually finalized.

Having the opportunity to be part of the Dragons' Den 'family' was an amazing and unforgettable experience which gave us a platform and voice to share our story!

So, we want to put you in the Dragons' chair to help reach our funding goal!  And, we're going to reward you for doing so with the perks listed on the right side of this page, including Trend Trunk gift cards, being on our wall of "Our Dragons" and more!


How much cash do you have in your closet? Studies show you have $6,000 of clothing and it keeps piling up!

So what do you do?

It's too good to give away and you don't want to sell it to strangers coming to your door (AKA the 'creep' factor)...that's where Trend Trunk comes in!

We've created an award-winning web-based and mobile marketplace which allows you to inspire or be inspired while you make moneysave money and look good doing it!

We provide a fun, simple, social and secure way to buy and sell your fashionable clothing and accessories right from your closet! For more about us, click here


Trend Trunk was created in response to a problem we all have - too much 'stuff'. We've built our marketplace upon trust, community, simplicity, style and service!

Since launching Trend Trunk over 1 year ago we have:

1. Enjoyed a loyal community of tens of thousands of members across Canada, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island

2. Enabled our members to declutter their closets and make money and add to their wardrobes while saving money, while making it really simple and safe to do so

3. Combined fashion and fundraising by launching Closets & Causes, a way for you to give back to causes you love, without having to reach into pocket

4. Maintained our commitment to being a socially responsible company by supporting hundreds of community events, non-profit and charitable organizations

5. Helped our members reduce their fashion footprint, by allowing them to share their style and re-purpose their fashion

6. Have been a finalist in many competitions, and even won a few! Also, we have been featured on Cityline, Marilyn Denis and much more!


We've built a world class company, right here in Hamilton Ontario, with customers all across Canada. We want to focus on growing our 3 most important assets:



We are a dedicated and passionate team of 5, and there always seems to not be enough time in the day. The funds will be used to strengthen areas of our team, so we can automate various manual processes.  In addition, some of these funds will be used towards training and certification programs so we can foster personal and professional growth, while ensuring we provide the best product, service and experience!

We continue to invest in building more than just technology but an experience.  As such, our tech needs are ever evolving and funds will be used to improve existing technology and enable us to introduce new services to benefit you - our customers! These include:  

Our Mobile App
The soon to be released app will allow you to 'cash in your closet' and shop right from your smartphone or tablet, on BOTH apple and android devices. Funds will be used to improve the mobile experience.
Runway Valet
If you don't have the time to post your items or have way too many clothes, our Runway Valet service will do it for you. A Trend Trunk certified Stylist will manage the entire process for you, while you go on with your day.

Interested in being a Trend Trunk Stylist? Check out the perk available and contact us!
The Shoppes at Trend Trunk
There are so many amazing designers and boutiques across Canada - we want to help you discover them! Our Shoppes provides you with a curated collection of emerging talent just waiting to be discovered, which you can shop conveniently via Trend Trunk.

Interested in being a designer or boutique within the Shoppes at Trend Trunk? Check out the perk available and contact us!
Closets & Causes
We currently partner with 60 causes, including 5 of the top 10 charities in Canada. There are so many more causes we want to help raise meaningful fundraising dollars for.

Know a cause that can use some additional fundraising dollars? Contact us.




Customer service and experience is #1 in our books!  You can read our customer testimonials here.

We want to use these funds to towards the following:

1. Improving our current customer experience and implementing a customer ticketing system to meet our demands

2. Build better relationships with existing customers by developing unique and compelling marketing programs

3. Reaching new customers by attending various consumer trade shows and events to spread the word about Trend Trunk




To help reach our funding goal, we want to put you in the Dragons' chair! For your contribution to our campaign, we'll reward you with some great perks for doing so, including Trend Trunk gift cards, being on our wall of "Our Dragons" and more!


1. Signup and become a member and starting making money, saving money with Trend Trunk!

2. Click the "Share" buttons in the top right and spread the word about Trend Trunk through your social network

3. Tell a friend about Trend Trunk...or two or three!


If you have any questions, please contact us.

You can also
 us on social media!



$25 and up
Trendy Dragon (LIMITED TIME)
*** 200 ONLY AVAILABLE ***

  • 100% back in a Trend Trunk gift card (physical card or emailable card). Spend it OR gift it.

  • A shout out to you on our Twitter and Facebook page. Make sure you follow and like us.

  • Your name will be displayed on “Our Dragons” web page

  • An exclusive “I’m a Dragon” badge on your Trend Trunk closet
  • Estimated delivery:1 week
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    Social Dragon
  • A shout out to you on our Twitter and Facebook page. Make sure you follow and like us.
  • Your name will be displayed on “Our Dragons” web page
  • Estimated delivery:1 week
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    $20 and up
    Fashionable Dragon
    All the Social Dragon perks PLUS:
  • 50% back in a Trend Trunk gift card (eg. Contribute $50 and get a $25 Trend Trunk gift card). Spend it, gift it or donate it to any charity on Trend Trunk. (Eligible for tax receipt if over $50 contribution)

  • An exclusive “I’m a Dragon” badge on your Trend Trunk closet
  • Estimated delivery:1 week
    0 Claimed
    Designer Dragon / Retailer Dragon
    Estimated delivery:1 week
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    Stylist Dragon

    All the Social Dragon perks PLUS:

  • We're introducing our 'we do it for you' service, Runway Valet and seeking independent Stylists

  • You'll be one of the first Stylists to participate and reach more customers. For more info email [email protected]

  • $1000 value, we're waiving the setup cost for 1 year

  • We will create a personalized video thanking you (literally we will make a video just for you)
  • Estimated delivery:1 week
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