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When it's time to cash in your closet of stylish and fashionable items, Trend Trunk is the best way to sell your brand new to pre-loved clothing & accessories.

Here's why:
1. Make more money!
100% of the selling price goes back to you. It's free to list on OR our mobile app.

2. Get LOTS of inquires!
Thousands of buyers will see your items and also be emailed if your items match their interests. You'll start to receive messages from interested buyers. Respond promptly to sell your item quickly! You decide how you want to transact; whether you meet in person or ship the item, along with your preferred method of receiving the funds. The buyer and seller must mutually agree on transaction details.

3. We have the right buyers.
Trend Trunk curates listings to ensure the best experience for our buyers and sellers. We attract buyers who will value and appreciate your items.

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When possible take your photos against simple solid colour backgrounds.
To achieve best results try using natural lighting whenever possible.
Use close-ups to show off any interesting details on the item, this may include the label, stitching, buttons, and any other unique features.
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New with tag: Item still has the price tag on, and has never been worn. It's still in the 100% new condition. No marks or smells.

New: Item has never been worn. It's still in the 100% new condition. No marks or smells.

Like New: Item has been worn for less than or equal to 3 times. No smells. Minor marks are acceptable. There has to be a picture regarding to the marks, and has this information under Description.

Pre-Loved: Item has been worn for more than 3 times. No smells. Minor marks are acceptable. There has to be a picture regarding to any marks, and has this information under Description.

Hand Made: State clearly the condition and all the marks with the item.

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