By Valerie Starchurski


Original Source: StyleDemocracy September 5th, 2012


It looks like consignment shops better up their game! With more people than ever shopping online, new Canadian-based company, Trend Trunk is making it easier than ever to cash in your closet while browsing the fashionable goodies other people have up for sale.

This new social marketplace is a spot where fashion forward consumers can buy and sell amazing new and pre-loved fashion in a fun and simple way. The aim is to bring together like-minded shoppers: those that want to find styles they love at prices they can adore!

If a member has items they are not in love with anymore, they can 'cash in their closet' and use those funds to shop another members' closet whose style they love or have the funds deposited directly into their bank account. And their donation feature allows users to donate all or part of their sale proceeds to the charity of their choice – making "cashing in" beneficial for everyone!

Trend Trunk's philosophy is sustainable fashion: one person's unwanted article of clothing can become another's "special something".

Right now Trend Trunk is running an amazing contest. Top prizes include a trip to Punta Cana, a $3000 closet makeover, instant cameras or Swarovski Crystal jewelry! They are also giving away prizes daily via their Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to check them out!



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