By Amy Kenny

Original Source: The Hamilton Spectator November 24th, 2012

Whose closet would you most like to raid? If that person is one of the more than 10,000 users on Trend Trunk, you're in luck.

Trend Trunk is an online marketplace that offers a venue to sell used clothing and accessories. The
Hamilton-based site was launched in July and is a division of Swapopolis, where users trade unwanted gift cards.

"We found that a lot of people loved what we were doing (on Swapopolis)," says Sean Snyder, a graduate of Mohawk College's marketing program and founder of Trend Trunk. "But the consensus was 'this was great, but once I get rid of my Gap card, I'm done.'"

Snyder, 35, says the site simplifies the process of shipping, is easier to use than eBay and removes
the irritation that can accompany transactions through other sites.

Danika Struiksma, of Ancaster, has sold roughly 10 items through the site. Most have taken a week to sell, though a pair of shoes went in 24 hours. Her transactions have been smooth.

"Selling items on Kijiji or Craig's List can be a headache when you consider co-ordinating a time to
meet, haggling over price, and dealing with no-shows," says Struiksma. "If the item is as simple as an H&M skirt, it's usually not worth the effort (on other sites)."

Trend Trunk's payment system is tied to Canada Post with funds released 48 hours after delivery. This gives buyers the opportunity to report problems while ensuring sellers get their cash in a timely fashion.

Avigayil Morris lives in Edmonton, but most of her buyers are in Ontario and Quebec thanks, in part, to the shipping rate of $8 for any item.

Morris finds the site easy to use and, unlike eBay, doesn't have to pay up front to post items. Trend Trunk collects 20 per cent after you've made your sale and offers the option of donating a portion of the profit to charity.

Snyder says the site has more than 3,000 listings and is growing monthly. In October, Trend Trunk was a finalist for best new e-business and best online retailer of the year (small business) in the Canada Post Innovation Awards. They also finished sixth in the Innovation Factory contest for Hamilton's best startup company.

Snyder says the site is adding social media features, focusing on trade shows, and doing cross-promotion with companies such as Air Canada, California Closets and local jeweller Zoran Designs.


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