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TREND TRUNK Guarantee and Refund Policy

TREND TRUNK stands firmly behind our service. Whether you are a buyer or a seller in our marketplace, TREND TRUNK assures that every transaction will be completed in a safe and secure environment.

As TREND TRUNK is a marketplace, we encourge you to ask the Sellers questiosn about the items, as all items are FINAL SALE.



Accepted items:
- Women and Men's clothing
- Women and Men's shoes
- Women and Men's jewelry
- Women and Men's handbags and accessories
- Women and Men's swimwear (must be New with Tags condition)
- Women and Men's jewelry
- Women and Men's hats
- Women and Men's neckties and bow-ties
- Women and Men's eyewear
- Women and Men’s activewear
- Women and Men’s weddingwear
- Cosmetics, perfume and beauty products (must be in New with tags/New condition)
- Lingerie (must be in New with tags/New condition)
- Electronic device accessories (such as phone cases, laptop cases, tablet cases and phone charms)

Unacceptable items: 

Any such items uploaded or sold will either be removed or cancelled without notification to the seller.
- Children's clothing, shoes and accessories
- Pet’s clothing and accessories
- Electronics (with the exception of iPhone and iPad cases and accessories)
- Groceries
- Entertainments (such as games, toys, books, DVDs, CDs)
- Equipments and supplies
- Furniture and decorations
- Bedding
- Home goods

Counterfeit Merchandise: It is illegal and prohibited to sell on Trend Trunk any fake, replica, counterfeit, or knock-off items, or other items that bear a manufacturer’s official brand or logo that were not lawfully made by, for or with the consent of such manufacturer. This includes and is not limited to: replicas, "no brand", "look-a-like" or "inspired-by" pieces, and any merchandise that resembles designer items.

Abuse of the TREND TRUNK Guarantee 

TREND TRUNK will investigate all claims and determine resolutions on a case-by-case basis. TREND TRUNK reserves the right to limit the dollar amount a Seller may be awarded and the number of claims a Seller may file in a calendar year. TREND TRUNK may suspend or permanently cancel the registration of any Buyer or Seller who attempts to abuse the TREND TRUNK Guarantee.

TREND TRUNK Guarantee Exceptions

The intent of this guarantee is to protect our members from risks associated with the transaction of business online. In that spirit, we must note the exceptions. This Guarantee is not applicable if you simply change your mind or you become dissatisfied with your own personal choice. Finally, the TREND TRUNK Guarantee does not apply to any transaction or attempted transaction by our members outside of the TREND TRUNK Site.

We reserve the right to change or discontinue the TREND TRUNK Guarantee, or any part of it, at any time, without notice or liability to you or any third party.

If you have any further questions on the TREND TRUNK Guarantee and Refund Policy, please contact us

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