By Cynthia Cheng Mintz

Original Source: DelectablyChic October 4th, 2012

Recently, DelectablyChic! had the chance to speak with Sean Snyder, founder of Canada's Trend Trunk, an online-based market place for fashionably new and pre-loved clothing and accessories. Sellers upload and manage their own products (Trend Trunk holds no inventory) while Trend Trunk acts as a "middle person" dealing only with shipping costs, sending sellers a label for them to print and stick onto their packages. Since shipping is handled through Trend Trunk, there is no need to organize a meeting between buyer and seller (takes away the "creep factor" that many women are worried about) nor do buyers and sellers have to worry about additional spending due to shipping costs. Product shipping is a flat $8 and is included with the selling price, so items selling for $100 will be listed as $108.

There is also a social benefit to Trend Trunk. Users can follow and "friend" other users and can see what friends are purchasing or selling and of course, "like" (or as they say on Trend Trunk, "lust") items. In addition, users can register for the site using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, meaning that they can easily share on their own social media accounts. Finally, Trend Trunk likes to support charity. Sellers can choose to put part (or all) of the money made from selling the item to a charity of their choice and the organization will send the seller a tax receipt. Every single registered charity in Canada is listed on the site. Money made can also be used for credit to purchase other pieces listed in Trend Trunk.

What do you think of Trend Trunk? Have you registered?




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