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Stats show you have a whopping $6000 of clothing in your closet, and it keeps piling up!  
So what do you do?  It's too good to give away and you don't want to sell it through a consignment store which takes 50-60% of the value...that's where Trend Trunk comes in!
It's FREE to post!
In less than 60 seconds you can start cashing in your closet and make money from those items you love, but aren't in love with anymore! Plus, feel great about finding them a new home, helping the environment and building relationships with other fashionable members!
We help you sell it
Take a few pics, enter a description and set your selling price. We'll then get to work finding a buyer and all while you go on with your day. Securely communicate through our app or website, and avoid sharing your personal information.
We help you make money!
Earn 100% of the selling price you set! Communicate with the Buyer to decide the best way to transact; meet up or ship your item; the choice is yours.
what else can i do
Support Your Cause
Turn your fashion into
fundraising dollars.
Check out Closets & Causes.
Follow Your Heart
Build your social fashion circle
Follow items you lust, closets you
love, brands you covet!
Share Your Style
Be a social butterfly!
Ask friends for advice, share items
you love, and sell items faster!
what can i sell?
Our goal is to find the perfect price for you that makes selling worth your time. That means we're all about
designer outfits, trendy styles, one-of-a-kind finds, and unique vintage pieces.
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