By Hamilton Biz Magazine

Original Source: Hamilton Biz Magazine November 2012

A Hamilton start-up is making big news on what's old

Trend Trunk launched late this summer as a trusted social marketplace that enables consumers to buy, sell or donate their fashionable and pre-loved clothing and accessories. The unique marketplace platform combines a
social experience with a simplified buying and selling process, right from posting an item, payment processing and managing the shipment between the buyer and seller. There's also the opportunity for consumers to donate all or a portion of the proceeds from the sale to their favourite non-profit organization or charity.

The concept has earned founder Sean Snyder a spot among the three finalists of three Canada Post Innovation Awards: Best Online Retailer of the Year (Small Business), Best New E-Business and Consumer Champion. Trend Trunk is also a finalist in the STARTOFF Awards, a presentation of Innovation Factory that will identify Hamilton's top start-up company. "We say 'yes' to loving an idea and an outfit, inspiring each other and paying less for fashion you find trendy," says Snyder. "We believe that one person's lonely wardrobe is another's true love."



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