As Canada's largest fashion marketplace, we've built a simple, social and fun way to make money, save money and look good doing it!

We believe in the growth of the 'sharing economy' and doing our part to contribute!

As such, we've decided to make Trend Trunk FREE! This exciting change allow Sellers to keep 100% of the sale proceeds AND provide greater savings & value for Buyers.



When do the changes to Trend Trunk come into effect?

Effective Monday February 2nd, 2015 the Trend Trunk website has been changed. Due to the policies of Apple and Google, the respective apps will be updated on or before approximately Friday February 6th, 2015.



What will change?

Almost everything will remain the same within the website AND app, except:

  1. We will remove the BUY NOW button from items posted and replace it with the private message button (already found on the item pages) so you can communicate privately with the Seller. We recommend downloading the Trend Trunk app to help you buy/sell quicker and instantly communicate! Of course, you'll still be able to ask public questions on each item.
  2. We will be adding a distance section so you can discover more fab items that are close to you!
  3. In order to transact, the Buyer and Seller will have to determine the best options for payment and shipping (if required); either meet up in person to try on the items (and hopefully make a new fashionable friend), or via paypal and have the items shipped. The transaction will happen directly between the Buyer and Seller which means the Seller keeps 100% of the price they set and the Buyer still gets a great deal!
  4. You will still be able to select a charity to support when you sell your item, however, the Seller will be responsible for donating the money to the charity or cause. We still encourage our members combine fashion & fundraising, and consider donating all or a percentage of their sale to a good cause!
  5. If you have a Trend Trunk Stylist selling your items on your behalf, we encourage you to reach out to your Stylist directly to discuss options. Alternatively, your Stylist will reach out to you before February 2nd.


What about the shipping cost and shipping labels?

After February 2nd, 2015, the selling prices listed on Trend Trunk will be reduced by $8 (the shipping cost) thus making the prices more appealing to potential buyers. In addition, because Trend Trunk will NOT be handling payments or shipping as per points 1 & 3 above, the creation of shipping labels will cease.


How will Trend Trunk generate revenue?

Many sites you visit on a regular basis drive revenue from advertising. Over the coming weeks you'll see some advertising appear on Trend Trunk. We feel it's a happy medium; you keep 100% of your sale as a Seller or save more money as a Buyer to see a few ads throughout the site.


Will my personal information still be secure?

Yes. Any information will still remain secure. After February 2nd, 2015 if you want to transact as a Buyer or Seller you may be required to disclose your personal information in order to transact, such as your phone number and/or address (if required). It is 100% your decision as to what information you want to share with the other party in order to buy or sell.


What if I have an item I have sold and the funds will not be released till after Feb 2?

If your item is in transit the week before Feb 2nd and/or after Feb 2nd, and the funds are not released by the Buyer to your account after Feb 2nd, you will still be able to access your funds and withdraw them accordingly.


I have an account balance, can I still spend it?

Yes. In order to ensure a smooth transition, we encourage you to shop and spend your account balance by February 2nd, 2015. After Feburary 2nd, 2015, in order to complete the transition all account balances will be set to zero, as you will not be able to perform a transaction on Trend Trunk.



I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please click here to read our FAQ's or click here to complete our Contact Us form

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